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Meet Doug Kemp: part-time internet archaeologist, full-time gadget hoarder. Doug’s the kind of guy who reads instruction manuals for fun and thinks of online shopping as a competitive sport. With an appetite for the latest and the underrated, Doug and his team of merry tech-heads dive into the digital deep end to fish out content that’s as entertaining as accidentally turning on the front camera.

From Amazon’s hidden gems to Wish’s wildest wonders, and Temu’s treasures, we’ve got a knack for finding the internet’s most curious finds. Toys that make you question adulthood, hobby items that could spark a new passion, or gifts that say “I thought of you for exactly 30 seconds” – if it’s online and it piques our interest, you’ll hear about it. And because we can’t resist, there’s a generous serving of tech talk – from gaming tales worthy of a campfire to gadget guides that even your grandma could follow.

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